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It's Not just

a house. 

A home, an investment, a new chapter. 

Whether you've owned multiple homes or this will be your first, whether you're ready to submit an offer now or if you're thinking about it in the next year or two, we'll never rush you into purchasing something you're not totally satisfied with.
Because that's how we'd like to be treated!

Our Approach to Helping You Buy



Preparation &


We discuss your goals, timeline and understand your future home’s criteria. You review qualified lenders and obtain a pre-approval letter. This can make or break a deal.


Finding and Viewing Homes

Properties are moving so quickly. So that’s why we work with you, together, to evaluate the properties available and find the ones of interest to you. 


Evaluating a Property

Now that you’re interested in a property, it’s our turn to evaluate it based on local market data, listing information, and leveraging our team of experts. 


Submitting an Offer

We work with you to ensure your offer is as sound, appealing and as well presented to the sellers at it can be. 


Deposit Cheque 

Once your offer is accepted, you will submit the agreed upon deposit amount by bank draft, certified cheque or wire transfer to the appropriate trust holder until closing day.


Solidifying your Financing

You will submit your accepted agreement of purchase and sale as well as a copy of the MLS listing to your mortgage lender in preparation for closing day. 


From Acceptance to Closing Day 

We work with your legal team to ensure Title Search is completed, final walk-throughs of the property are completed and satisfactory, and your keys are transferred successfully on closing day!

Ready to find your new home?

"Kim and Luke provided us with world class service during our home search. Caring, attentive and patient."

Jackie & Courtney Hughes

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