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Through all of your real estate adventures. 

Like most great ideas...
ours came from a conversation 
at the kitchen island.

Well, more like 20 years of conversations.

Because, when you're in the Guelph real estate business for twenty-one years, your business begins to blend with your personal life. 


So growing up in a family where showings and offer presentations were balanced with hockey practices and parent teacher interviews, it's tough to not have the conversations blend together just the same.


But in 2019, with Luke home from his work in the UK for the holidays, the real estate business came up once again. But this time, the conversation sparked the idea to start this exciting next chapter of both of our careers; McKenzie & McKenzie Real Estate. 

Kim McKenzie - Realtor ®

“I love my career!”

After 20 years, there’s still nothing Kim would rather do. Being a rather social person, her reward is spending her days helping clients realize their goals and dreams. Kim believes the spontaneity of what she does is thrilling; a phone call or an email means a new opportunity, new challenge and a new connection with others.

Every January, Kim wonders where her business will come and every December, she is amazed and honoured at the number of past clients, their families and friends, and new clients who she helps in the buying and selling process each year.

Kim’s passions are running and cycling - the thrill of finding new paths and routes! 

In her own words: “I know the start and end point but not always what the path in between will look like. Helping people buy and sell is very similar: I know the beginning and what the desired end looks like, but everyone’s path in real estate is different! I love to be a part of these journeys with my clients!”

Luke McKenzie - Realtor ®

Truth be told, I wasn't always sold on the idea of being a real estate salesperson.


In fact, when Grade 9 “Take Your Kid to Work Day” approached and Kim asked if I would ever consider becoming a real estate salesperson, my polite response was...


“No way! You’re constantly on the road driving around the city, working late at night, and most days Mom… you rarely even stop for lunch!”.


And for over 20 years, that’s the hard work and dedication I have witnessed Kim demonstrate every day for her clients. 


So now, a few years later, with a new perspective and appreciation for that dedication, I try and replicate that with each one of our clients.


Because for me, whether you're buying your first home or selling your family home, from start to finish I want to help you get the most value for your property and make that process as simple and seamless as possible for you and your family. 


Let's get started on your real estate dream.

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